A little bit about us

We are here to make your registration process of choosing courses and professors easier

What do we do

On this website, you can get the grades distribution for the courses and professors at the University of Washington. We also provide the average GPA, average hours spent per week on the course and the overall rating. We also have a crowsourcing features for students to crowdsource the data so we can provide more accurate results. We are also in the process of building new features and any suggestion of something you may like can help us
We are always available and in the process of making the website better and easier to use and anyone can help us do that by sending us a quick message on what features they would like so fix a bug we have on our contact us page.

Our data and policy

The data we use on our website is FERPA compliant and is gained through an FOIA request.
We also crowdsource data and collect user comments which are stored securely. You can provide this data on our crowsourcing page

Our Team

We are just a bunch of boundless UW students who just want to help make the registration process for other boundless students better and easier!